Automatic Pet Feeder: Feed And Go With Built In Webcam And Wifi, Feed Your Pets On Schedule From Anywhere With An App (My Review)

What Is So Great About The Feed And Go Automatic Pet Feeder?

The only smart pet feeder compatible with wet and dry food, treats, and medication. Six compartments on a rotating tray allow customization for your feeding schedule.feed and go automatic cat feeder

  1. Connects to your home network router by wifi.
  2. Features a built in webcam, letting you see your pet from your smartphone.
  3. Allows you to set a one time schedule or a regular scheduled feed for unlimited feeders.
  4. Built in voice recording device lets you remotely call your cat or dog over for its food.

The Smartest Automatic Cat And Dog Food Dispenser Gives You Peace Of Mind When You Are Not Home

If you worry about your cat or dog getting the food or medication they need while you are at work or out running errands…

…Then this feed and go automatic cat and dog feeder is what you need. You can not only control which food item to give your pet, but you can watch on the webcam to make sure they eat it!feed and go automatic dog feeder

-Remotely control your cat’s and dog’s food intake with your smartphone!-

Easy To Use And Reliable!

Use the app to set as many feeding schedules as you want, for as many feeders as you want.

You are automatically notified when your pet has eaten.

Once set, the feeding schedules are stored in the feeder itself so it still works even if your wifi goes out.

Durable construction prevents your pets from tipping the feeder over or moving the rotating tray.timed cat feeder webcam

And Because Of The Customization And Versatility Of This Timed Cat Or Dog Feeder, There Is Absolutely…

  • NO worrying about your pets getting their food and medication at the wrong time, or not at all…
  • NO paying tons of money for a cat sitter or dog sitter to feed your pets while you are gone…
  • NO having to come home during your lunch break to fill the cat food bowl…

What Others Are Saying About The Best Automatic Cat Feeder

“I got this feeder because we were going away for the holidays and my diabetic kitty needs to be fed wet food every 6 hours, yikes! It is very difficult to find a sitter in my town willing to do more than twice per day visits so this feeder saved my vacation! I got the feeder in 2 days and the set up was a piece of cake. My other kitty was messing around with it while I was setting it up and some how it got misaligned. I emailed customer service at 3 o’clock in the morning so worried that I would not get a response in time to fix it before we left but, I had a response in 2 minutes, literally. He told me how to fix it and it worked perfectly from then on. Alex responded so quickly that I never once had to worry that it wouldn’t get fixed in time for my trip. I also wanted an extra tray for the feeder to make it easier on my cat sitters and he sent one to me free of charge and very quickly. I am very impressed with this company, there aren’t very many like it out there!
He has really come up with a fantastic product. I love being able to control when Snuggs gets fed from my cell phone and using the pre-recorded message to call him over to the feeder was super helpful. But above all my favorite function of the feeder is the video camera. Snuggs, my kitty, has easily visible signs of being under/over medicated so it gave me great peace of mind to be able to see him and keep an eye out for the changes. As a matter of fact there was a time when we were away that I was able to tell he needed an increase in his meds. I was able to pass that along to my cat sitters and my little guy didn’t have to suffer long, all thanks to this feeder! I felt in control of his disease and was able to enjoy my trip with confidence. It was so nice to be able to see my baby and make sure he was eating, and not being shoved out by his brother.
Last but not least it is so great that it is virtually impossible for my kitty to “feed himself” as he is prone to do with other feeders. He almost figured out how to do it by stepping on the buttons on the top, but because of the 2 second wait time and having to press two buttons at once to unlock the feeder it was just out of his skill set.
All in all this is probably the best feeder on the market, at least of the ones I found. And with customer service that will blow your mind I feel I can whole heartedly recommend this product to anyone who wants peace of mind while they are away from home. Another added benefit I had not foreseen was that I could use it to get more sleep at night! So thanks so much, Alex, for your wonderful invention and I look forward to more from you in the future.”Kristin Clarke

“I purchased this feeder when I was traveling for work out of country!
And now after 1 year I’m using it every day, happily.
It’s amazing how simple it is to make sure your pet has food at the exact same time every day, or at the time that you want them to be fed, and you can watch them eat, or have the angle of the feeder in a way that during the day you can check on them and watch them play with their toys!
It’s amazing, I absolutely love it.
Every night, my cat would wake me up to feed him, it was not fun, if you’re a cat owner you know the story! Till I started using this feeder, at 3 am, he gets his food and I get my sleep! I even record my voice on the feeder so right when it wants to feed him it plays my voice which is very cool.

Also, at lunch meeting, you can show your cat LIVE to your workers, how cool is that heheh : )

It also has 6 sections, and if you’re traveling you can just feel it anyway you like and be sure he gets fresh food.
Good luck.”Atena

“What can I say, this feeder is an absolute dream. My cat has several health conditions (and a ravenous appetite) that require frequent feedings. I was working long hours and would constantly worry about my cat with the cheaper feeders. I would come home to find that he was starving because he had either managed to quickly open them or flip them over and go unfed. Not only does this feeder stay closed and locked, but my clever cat has not found a way to break into it. I love that I am able to view him throughout the day on camera, as well as set it online if I forget to beforehand. I was hesitant to spend this much on a feeder that may or may not work (when 4 others had proven to be an utter waste of money), but can honestly say that it has been worth every penny. My cat and I thank you feed and go!”Megan

Final Verdict: Is The Feed And Go Automatic Pet Feeder Worth It?

Answer: Yes!automatic pet feeder thumb up

Easy to use

Control it from your smartphone

Six compartments give a lot of options for the feeding schedule

Eliminates the worry of being away from home all day

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Feed And Go Pet Feeder FAQ:

Q: Where to buy the Feed and Go automatic timed pet feeder?

A: You can buy this pet feeder from Amazon through this link.